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Prevent aggressive driving

June 3, 2024

This month’s road safety goal is to reduce dangerous driving behaviours such as speeding, tailgating, improper passing, etc. Choose one or more of the following activities to help you reach that goal, using the recommended resources.



  • Lead by example. Model safe driving behaviour, including adhering to speed limits.
  • Motivate employees by creating a reward system for safe driving behaviour, including staying within speed limits.
  • Check driver abstracts for speeding and other violations. Enforce disciplinary measures for repeated instances of speeding to demonstrate the seriousness of this behaviour: Keep track of driving records


  • Review schedules to ensure drivers and supervisors allow enough time to safely complete trips at the posted limit. Include a suitable buffer for breaks and surprises: Journey Management and Trip Planning Tool Kit
  • Take advantage of technology like intelligent speed assistance and adaptive cruise systems that help drivers maintain safe speeds: Strategies to reduce speeding
  • Consider using GPS tracking and telematics in work vehicles to monitor speeds and provide real-time feedback to drivers and/or their supervisor:  Improving driver behaviour


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