About us

About Road Safety at Work

We help improve the safety of people who drive for work or work at the roadside. We do this by raising awareness and providing free online tools and resources that help organizations and drivers prevent work-related motor vehicle injuries and crashes.

To help us achieve our goal we also coordinate the annual Cone Zone BC and Shift into Winter awareness campaigns. Cone Zone aims to help protect roadside workers. Shift into Winter aims to protect all drivers during the winter season.

Our story

Road Safety at Work is managed by the Justice Institute of British Columbia and funded by WorkSafeBC.

We were originally known as an Occupational Road Safety Partnership. We were established in late 2009 by WorkSafeBC and the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation to address road safety issues affecting BC workplaces.

The Justice Institute of British Columbia became the Road Safety at Work delivery partner in April 2013.

Our services

We serve BC employers, supervisors, and employees by providing:

  • Online occupational road safety resources such as tool kits, planning and policy templates, tailgate meeting guides, checklists, and monthly planners and newsletters
  • Training and educational resources including online courses, webinars, and workshops
  • Practical road safety tools such as RiskCheckTM, SkillCheckTM, TripCheckTM, and the Road Safety Snapshot
  • Presentations and outreach at conferences, association meetings, or similar events
  • Advisory services to employers and supervisors who have road safety questions (contact Rick Walters or Angelina Robinson for information)
  • Road safety campaigns Cone Zone and Shift into Winter

Our vision

Towards Zero: Eliminating work-related deaths and injuries on BC roads.

Our mission

Building a culture of work-related road safety by educating, empowering, and engaging BC road users.

Our team

Trace Acres, program director
Tracy Sobit-Evelyn, finance manager
Rick Walters, road safety program manager
Angelina Robinson, client relationship manager
Mary-Margaret Bentley, marketing manager
Gord Woodward, communications manager
Rose Melzer, project manager
Alison Whittome, paid media manager
Dave Zille, website and technical support manager
Nicole Scudamore, social media manager
Joan Glover, program director, Justice Institute of British Columbia
Shelley McCann, program assistant, Justice Institute of British Columbia

Privacy and terms and conditions

We encourage you to review our privacy policy and terms and conditions so you understand what information we may collect, how we use it, and how our information is to be used.