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Operate safe vehicles: Inspection, selection, reporting

April 1, 2024

This month’s road safety goal is to ensure your employees are driving vehicles fit for purpose, regularly inspected, and properly maintained. Choose one or more of the following activities to help you reach that goal, using the recommended resources.



  • Establish vehicle selection criteria. Specify the type, condition, equipment, crash rating etc. that all work vehicles must have. Apply the criteria to employee-owned vehicles used for work: Using Employee-Owned Vehicles for Work Procedures Template
  • Make sure employees know how to report vehicle defects or conditions that cause them to think a vehicle is not safe to operate: Inspection responsibilities
  • Assess the effectiveness of your vehicle inspection and maintenance processes through spot checks and employee feedback.


  • Consult with the people who purchase work vehicles for your organization to ensure key purchasing criteria include features that help ensure the safety of driver and passengers. Criteria should include crash ratings, safety features, reliability, etc.
  • Require supervisors to periodically review inspection and maintenance reports for frequency, completeness, accuracy, etc. Make sure they follow up with constructive guidance when they identify opportunities to improve: Review results and make improvements
  • Build continuous improvement into your safe vehicles strategy. Recognize positive results. Provide incentives for employees to keep getting better: Driving Toward a Stronger Road Safety Culture Webinar


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