Online Courses

Preventing crashes is smart business. It keeps employees safe and keeps costs down. These no-cost courses can help you learn about specific road safety topics. Sign up and use the information to build and reinforce your road safety program.

How will these courses help me?

Our courses give you practical information and tips you can use to help prevent injuries and crashes and fulfill your legal responsibilities.

Who are these courses for?

These courses are designed for:

  • Employers and supervisors of employees who drive as part of their job
  • Anyone who has a workplace role in making or implementing road safety decisions

Once you’ve finished a course, you can print a Record of Completion. It acknowledges your commitment to improving the safety of everyone who drives for work.

How long is each course?

Courses ranges from 1 to 3 hours long. Each interactive course is self-paced so you can start and stop as needed to fit your schedule. There are no deadlines for course completion.

Online Course

Assessing and Improving Employee Driving Skills Online Course

Use practical tools to help you rate employee driving skills and behaviours. You’ll also get tips on helping drivers develop the competencies they need for the driving they do.
Online Course

Building an Effective Journey Management Process Online Course

See how you can use journey management to minimize driving-related hazards. You’ll understand how to plan for employee safety when they have to drive.
Online Course

Building Effective Policies and Procedures Online Course

Develop your organization’s road safety policies and procedures with the help of these practical tips and templates.
Online Course

Conducting Road Safety Risk Assessments Online Course

Learn basic risk assessment concepts and how our tools and resources can help reduce the risks your employees face when they drive for work.
Online Course

Controlling Exposure to Driving-Related Hazards Online Course

See how the Hierarchy of Controls applies to road safety hazards and explore some of the most effective actions to prevent driver exposure.
Online Course

Investigating Motor Vehicle Incidents Online Course

Discover how investigating crashes and near misses can help you strengthen policies and procedures to prevent future injuries and incidents.
Online Course

Supervising Employees Who Drive for Work Online Course

Get practical techniques, tools, and resources you can apply to the unique challenge of supervising employees when they’re behind the wheel.
Online Course

Winter Driving Safety for Employers and Supervisors Online Course

Learn how to plan, implement, and monitor a winter driving safety program in your organization using Shift into Winter resources, including policy and procedures templates.
Online Course

WorkSafeBC’s Road Safety Requirements: A Guide for Employers and Supervisors Online Course

Get information and tips to help you understand and meet your legal responsibilities for the safety of your employees who drive for work.