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Check driver’s licences and abstracts, assess skills

February 1, 2024

This month’s road safety goal is to confirm employees who drive for work are legally authorized to do so, and have the needed driving knowledge, skills, and behaviours. Choose one or more of the following activities to help you reach that goal, using the recommended resources.


  • Check issue and expiry dates on the driver’s licence of all employees who drive for work. Confirm that the class of licence they have is appropriate for the vehicle(s) they drive: Check driver’s licence and record
  • Review their driver’s abstract for penalty points, prohibitions, and suspensions. Decide how you will address abstracts that exceed your company’s thresholds: Keep track of driving
  • Have supervisors do at least 3 ride-along spot checks each quarter.


  • Establish how often you will check employee driver’s licences and abstracts. We recommend doing it annually. Also set up a system for storing the information.
  • Decide how often you will assess employee driving skills. We recommend doing it at time of hire, and then every 2 or 3 years. Make this a policy: Driver Assessment Procedure Template
  • Complete our online course to evaluate drivers and help them become safer behind the wheel: Assessing and Improving Employee Driving Skills Online Course


  • Delegate a supervisor to complete our SkillCheck workshop, Once they have done that, have them start with 3 ride-along assessments and meet with the employees to discuss the results: SkillCheck
  • Use our guide, form, and videos to conduct ride-along assessments with all employees who drive for work: SkillCheck Driver Assessment Tool
  • Discover the traits and behaviours of safe drivers, and the reasons for unsafe driving. Use what you learn to build training plan(s) for your employees: Steering Toward Safe Driving Behaviours Webinar


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