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Driving in winter conditions? Plan ahead

Winter driving in BC is dangerous. The Shift into Winter campaign, supported by the Winter Driving Safety Alliance, helps employers and drivers to reduce the number of crashes and injuries at this time of year.

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Popular winter driving tools & resources
Tool Kit

Winter Driving Safety Planning Tool Kit

Winter driving safety requires year-round planning and execution. It starts with preparing drivers and vehicles before winter arrives.

Chaining Up: A Guide for Professional Drivers

Drivers need to know when and how to properly install chains. Use this guide to meet legal requirements and keep yourself safe.
Tool Kit

Driving for the Conditions

No matter how much experience you have, driving in snow, rain, fog, or icy conditions can be treacherous. Use our tips to help you and your passengers get home safe.

Keeping Your Employees Safe During Winter Driving

Employers and supervisors have legal responsibilities for the safety of their staff. Review this 1-hour webinar for practical tips for organizations of all sizes.

Winter Driving Safety for Employers and Supervisors Online Course

Learn how to plan, implement, and monitor a winter driving safety program in your organization using Shift into Winter resources, including policy and procedures templates.

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Winter Driving Safety Alliance

The Alliance is a partnership between public and private organizations committed to improving the safety of drivers in winter conditions.
Alliance members work together to provide education and resources that help reduce winter driving risks and injuries.  Learn more.