Road Safety Planner

Need help getting started or keeping focused on your road safety program? Our Road Safety Planner is a convenient tool that suggests activities and provides resources on a specific topic each month. Use them to help pro-actively reduce risk for your employees who drive at work.

Each topic comes with 3 recommended levels of activities designed for organizations of any size. Our “good, better, best” approach lets you choose activities that fit your schedule.

Subscribing is easy and doesn’t cost anything. It allows you to download an entire year of activities to your work calendar at once. They’ll be entered on the first day of each month. You’ll get an email reminder each mid-month to help you monitor your progress.

Preview and Subscribe

You can review Road Safety Planner activities without a subscription. If you choose this option, you can still subscribe later to download the activities to your calendar.

You can also download a planning poster (PDF 166 KB) showing the year’s topics. You can share it with staff and colleagues via email, social media, or the workplace bulletin board.

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