The Case for Road Safety

Every day tens of thousands of BC workers drive as part of their job. Some are professional drivers, operating a large commercial truck, a courier van or a taxi. Others drive from one work location to another – driving to the next construction site or a homecare client’s residence, across town to a meeting or to another town for a sales call. In all cases, the time they spend driving is very likely the most dangerous time of their day.

As an employer, you have obligations to ensure the health and safety of your employees at every one of your workplaces – the office, the warehouse, the greenhouse, the manufacturing plant AND the vehicle they drive in the course of work they do for you. Those obligations are the same whether your employees are driving a vehicle owned or leased by your company or one they own themselves.

Fast facts about road safety

  • Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of traumatic workplace deaths in BC accounting for 34 per cent of all traumatic workplace fatalities
  • On average, 19 workers die in work-related motor vehicle crashes every year
  • On average, another 1,319 are injured and miss time from work
  • Workers injured in motor vehicle crashes are off work longer - an average of 84 days in 2018 - compared to the average duration of 55 days for all claims in the same year

The personal and financial costs of motor vehicle crashes

Occupational road safety matters because it can have a big impact on your bottom line. Even if your organization has effective road safety measures and has so far avoided a serious motor vehicle incident (MVI), all organizations have a stake in MVI costs. If your company has experienced a serious work-related MVI, you’ve seen first-hand the direct and indirect costs of an MVI.

Road safety matters because of its very human and personal implications. What would happen if one of your employees was seriously injured while driving for you? Certainly, it would have real and lasting impacts for the employee. How would it affect his or her spouse, kids and friends, the rest of your employees, your business, your reputation – and you?

Mike’s story

That’s exactly what Mike Honeyman, an owner of Arctic Arrow Powerline Group in Cranbrook, faced when one of his employees was almost killed on the job. While the cause wasn’t a motor vehicle crash, the lessons he learned - the hard way - are the same. Listen to Mike’s story.

Engage your organization

If you have employees whose work includes driving, engage them as well as your managers and your organization in a road safety program that avoids the consequences Mike faced in the wake of his employee’s life-altering injury. Road safety matters because healthy, engaged employees are essential for your continued business success.

Why Road Safety Matters