The Case for Road Safety

When your employees drive as part of their job, it’s hazardous work. The statistics bear this out.

It doesn’t have to be that way, however.  Most crashes are preventable through careful planning, driver education, proper vehicle maintenance, and other proactive measures.

Employers are legally obligated to ensure employees are safe at work, including in any vehicle they drive while on the job. Yet there are other, more compelling, reasons to focus on road safety.

A robust and effective road safety program lets your employees know you care about their well-being, creating loyalty that will show in the way they do their work and serve your customers. You’ll attract new applicants through positive word-of-mouth and customer satisfaction will rise.

An improvement in road safety practices can also bring financial benefits for your business. Training replacements for injured workers and replacing or repairing damaged equipment create costs you don’t need. Your business can avoid rising insurance premiums, negative publicity, and the distractions of non-core business activities.

These are all good reasons to act, but the best one is to prevent the immeasurable personal and societal costs of crashes. The pain, loss, and mental trauma often change lives forever.

Road safety matters to you, your employees, your business, and the general public. It demands the same attention you give to every health and safety matter and deserves to be an important part of your overall workplace safety program.

Creating a culture of road safety at work starts with you. With the help of the resources on this website, you can reduce everyone’s risk and make driving for work safer.

Why Road Safety Matters