MVI Cost Calculator

Work-related crashes cost a lot of money. Want to find out how much you could save by investing in road safety? Use our Motor Vehicle Incident (MVI) Cost Calculator.

What the calculator does

The calculator is an easy, efficient tool to:

  • Capture and summarize the real costs of crashes
  • Estimate the costs of potential crashes
  • Track information to see the results of your road safety program

Information you need

The calculator will ask you about how much crashes cost in your organization. Use it to estimate the cost of a potential crash and see how much you can save with prevention.

If you’re tracking a past or current crash, talk to your staff who handled the invoices. Speak with a manager and with your payroll and human resources departments to get internal costs.

Ask about:

  • Salaries and hourly rates for employees or other people who may be involved.
  • Cost estimates for services such as emergency response, first aid, vehicle recovery, site clean-up and remediation, and repairing or replacing damaged vehicles and property.
  • Cost estimates for less tangible losses such as downtime, lost productivity, loss of reputation, and lost sales or contract opportunities.
  • Your organization’s current WorkSafeBC Base Rate and Experience Rating.
  • Premiums and deductibles for vehicle, cargo, health care and other insurances affected by a crash claim.

You can also call a towing company, vehicle repair shop, and other service providers to help you estimate the costs.

Using the MVI Cost Calculator

You’ll need Adobe Reader. Enter your amounts in the form and it will do the calculations for you. Save your work as you go, and the final version when you’re done.

  • On page 1, describe the crash.
  • Enter the actual costs or close estimates for crashes that are common in your industry, or possible in the driving and conditions your employees deal with.
  • Some items have two entry fields. One is the hourly wage or salary of the person who will do the work. The other is the actual or estimated hours they need to do the work. The form will calculate the amount and enter it in the “Costs” column.
  • Some items only have an entry field in the “Costs” column. Enter actual or estimated values in each of these cells.
  • Not all items in the calculator will apply to every crash. When that’s the case, leave the data entry field blank.
  • Save your work regularly.


MVI Cost Calculator

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