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Driver Assessment

If your employees drive for work, you need to make sure it is legal and safe for them to do so. Learn how to check their driver’s licence and record, and assess their skills. Our SkillCheck driver assessment tool can help you.

Driver’s licence and record

Follow these steps with current and future employees:

Step 1: Check driver’s licence
Step 2: Review driver’s record
Step 3: Check insurance
Step 4: Keep track of driving

Assessing drivers

After checking a driver’s licence and record, assess their driving skills. It’s up to you to decide whether they can drive safely for your organization.

Ask yourself:

  • Can they operate the vehicle properly?
  • Do they have the skills to drive safely?
  • Do they have a good attitude?
  • Do they show safe and correct driving behaviours?

Your organization can develop procedures to address these questions. Use our Driver Assessment Procedure template (Word 20KB) as a starting point.

The best way to assess drivers is to ride along with them in the vehicle. Watching them drive helps you understand their road safety skills and attitude. You can then match assignments to driving abilities. For example, a less skilled employee can do easier driving tasks. When they have more experience, they can take on more challenging ones.

The assessment will also show you which driving behaviours need improvement. Then you can make a plan for training, mentoring, and coaching.

SkillCheck driver assessment tool
When to assess drivers
Choosing a driving assessor
Reviewing assessments with drivers
Providing driver training

Driver orientation

New hires and young workers need an orientation and assessment before they drive for work. They’re at higher risk, even if they’ve been driving for a while. New and young drivers may use a new or different vehicle or route and come across unfamiliar hazards.

Who is a new or young worker?
Conduct a driver orientation

Driver orientation only covers driving-related duties. Provide extra training and orientation for other aspects of an employee’s job.



Driver Assessment Procedure Template

Assessing driver skills and behaviours is a cornerstone of road safety. Customize this template to create procedures to help you evaluate drivers.

SkillCheck Driver Assessment Guide and Form

Our SkillCheck driver assessment tool helps you score driver performance. Use this guide and form on a ride-along so you know what skills and behaviours to look for and assess.

Driver Assessment Form – fillable

Employers need to provide orientation to drivers new on staff. Use this fillable form as a guide for reviewing hazards and procedures, and for familiarizing drivers with the work vehicle.

Driver Orientation Checklist – fillable

Employers need to provide orientation to drivers new on staff. Use this fillable form as a guide for reviewing hazards and procedures, and for familiarizing drivers with the work vehicle.


RiskCheck is a comprehensive online tool that helps you complete regular road safety risk assessments. Use it to identify hazards, rate risk, set priorities, and take actions to help keep drivers safe.
Tool Kit

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Identifying road and driving hazards is the first step to avoiding them. Get the tools and templates to identify potential hazards for your company drivers.
Tool Kit

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures help keep workers safe and prevent crashes by reducing risk. Use our templates to create your own road safety policies and procedures.
Tool Kit

Driving for Work

Driving a work vehicle can be hazardous if you’re not prepared. Follow these safe driving tips for preparing yourself and your vehicle for work driving.

SkillCheck Driver Assessment Form – printable

Employers need to provide orientation to drivers new on staff. Use this fillable form as a guide for reviewing hazards and procedures, and for familiarizing drivers with the work vehicle.

Vehicle Emergency Kit Checklist

An emergency kit is essential for every work vehicle. Use this checklist to put together a kit that can be used in all weather and driving conditions.

Securing Your Safety

Different types of cargo require different methods of transport and securement. Use these tips to ensure you follow the law, and understand and know how to properly use the devices.
Tailgate Meeting Guide

Managing Blind Spots

This guide reminds drivers that safe driving habits and properly adjusted mirrors are needed to help them see hazards on the road.
Tool Kit

Journey Management and Trip Planning

Driving for work may be one of the most dangerous things your employees do. Journey management can help reduce the risks.
Tool Kit

Vehicle Inspections and Maintenance

Part of safe driving includes having a well-maintained vehicle. Here’s how you can inspect and maintain work vehicles to make them safe for staff on the road.
Online Course

Supervising Employees Who Drive for Work Online Course

Get practical techniques, tools, and resources you can apply to the unique challenge of supervising employees when they’re behind the wheel.
Online Course

Assessing and Improving Employee Driving Skills Online Course

Use practical tools to help you rate employee driving skills and behaviours. You’ll also get tips on helping drivers develop the competencies they need for the driving they do.
Online Course

WorkSafeBC’s Road Safety Requirements: A Guide for Employers and Supervisors Online Course

Get information and tips to help you understand and meet your legal responsibilities for the safety of your employees who drive for work.

Distracted Driving Policy Template

Distracted driving can be prevented. Customize this template to create procedures your drivers can follow to reduce the risks created by phones and other distractions.

Using Employee Owned Vehicles for Work Procedure Template

Employers are responsible for the safety of employees who drive a personal vehicle for work. Customize this template to create a policy for the use of employee vehicles.

Safe Driving Procedures Template

Written procedures explaining your expectations for work driving help drivers understand what to do behind the wheel. Customize this template to build safety rules that suit your organization.

Impairment Policy Template

Employers need to reduce the risk of impaired driving on the job. Customize this template to build an impairment policy that’s right for you and your employees.