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Winter Driving Safety Planning

Winter driving safety requires advanced planning by employers. You need to prepare drivers and vehicles, plan and monitor safe travel, and review your results to look for improvements. Use our resources to take action before, during, and after winter.

Before winter

Start preparing about 2 to 3 months before winter conditions normally arrive. Waiting until snow or rain hits is too late.

Review policy, procedures
Review driving assignments
Prepare vehicles
Prepare drivers
Set goals

During winter

Once winter hits, you need to monitor and supervise drivers to ensure they’re following their training and your procedures.

Use journey management and trip planning to look for alternatives to driving, because the safest trip is one that never happens. Can employees do the work over the phone on a video call? If not, and the weather and road conditions are poor, can the trip be rescheduled?

It’s not always possible to avoid driving. In those cases, work with the driver to create a trip plan, including assessing driving hazards and road and weather conditions. Together, review safe driving and emergency procedures. Build extra time into their schedule to allow them to safely complete their drive.

Inspect the vehicle
Educate and communicate
Plan driving assignments

After winter

Winter safe driving planning doesn’t end when the weather improves. This is the time for you to review, strengthen, and improve your policies and procedures for next year.

  • What worked and what didn’t?
  • Are there new hazards you need to plan for?
  • Did your drivers have appropriate tires, equipment, and emergency kits?
  • Did you do any near-miss or crash investigations that recommended changes in your procedures?
  • How did your crash and injury statistics compare with previous years?
Plan for next year
Budget for next year

Year-round planning

Use our Winter Driving Safety Planning Calendar (PDF 541 KB) to help keep your organization on track.



Do I Stay or Do I Go? Plan Your Trip for a Safe Winter Ride brochure

A safe trip begins with a plan. It helps you get home safe. Use this brochure to prepare, and plan your trip, before you get behind the wheel.
Tool Kit

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures help keep workers safe and prevent crashes by reducing risk. Use our templates to create your own road safety policies and procedures.
Tool Kit

Journey Management and Trip Planning

Driving for work may be one of the most dangerous things your employees do. Journey management can help reduce the risks.

Vehicle Emergency Kit Checklist

An emergency kit is essential for every work vehicle. Use this checklist to put together a kit that can be used in all weather and driving conditions.

Winter Driving Hazards

Employers and supervisors are required to help keep drivers safe. Use this planner to identify hazards, assess risks, and take actions to reduce the danger.

Winter Driving Safety Planning Calendar

Employers need to plan for winter driving before, during, and after the season. Use this calendar to keep your plans on track.