Investigating Motor Vehicle Incidents

If a crash occurs, a thorough investigation is your best opportunity to understand what went wrong, and what you can do to prevent future incidents. These resources explain how to prepare for and respond to a crash, how to carry out constructive investigations, and how to use what you learn to implement the right corrective actions.

  • The Value of Investigating Motor Vehicle Incidents

    Understand why the practical benefits gained by investigating incidents extend well beyond meeting basic legal requirements.

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  • Be Ready To Act

    Learn the measures every organization should have in place so that it is ready to respond if a crash occurs, and prepared to initiate an investigation when necessary.

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  • Conducting MVI Investigations

    Apply this step by step approach to effective MVI investigations. The key sections are: Respond to the Incident, Gather Information, Map the Sequence of Events, Determine Underlying Causes, Recommend Corrective Actions, and Implement Corrective Actions.

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  • Resources

    Access links and downloads for all of the incident investigation resources we offer.

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