Driver Qualifications

Qualified Drivers

Driving for work carries weighty responsibilities. Your company has committed to deliver goods or services to customers - on time, intact, and as expected. You are counting on your drivers – whether they drive your fleet vehicle or one owned or leased by the employee – to do that.

As an employer or supervisor, you need to know that employees operating vehicles on behalf of your organization are legally qualified to drive, and that they have the competencies – the capabilities, skills, attitudes and behaviours – necessary to succeed in the driving you assign them.

In this section, you will find the following resources.

  • Confirm Drivers Are Legally Authorized to Drive

    This section describes a process to check driver’s licences, explains how to access driver abstracts and provides suggestions for confirming adequate insurance(s) is in place.

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  • Confirm Driver Competence

    This section explains a few practical tools you can use to assess driver performance, plus how to evaluate assessment results and use them to build an effective driver training plan. It also provides links to driver training resources plus practical ideas that you can incorporate into your daily workplace to build driving skills and behaviours.

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  • Driver Assessment Tool

    This section provides a Driver Assessment form that employers can use to evaluate driving performance. The associated Driver Assessment Companion document provides practical guidance on what to look for during ride-along observations, and how to evaluate each of the associated skills and behaviours.

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