Driver Qualifications

If your employees drive for work, you need to ensure they are legally authorized and qualified to drive. Your responsibilities apply whether your employee is driving a company-owned or employee-owned vehicle for work. They also apply regardless of the amount of time spent driving for work.

Confirming that employees are legally authorized to drive takes 2 steps:

  1. Check that they have a valid driver’s licence appropriate to the vehicle(s) they drive
  2. Check their driver’s abstract to verify there are no suspensions, prohibitions, or other legal restrictions preventing them from driving

You also need to confirm they have the competencies to succeed in the driving you assign them. Those competencies include knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours. Our SkillCheck Driver Assessment Guide and Form helps you rate driver performance.

This Tool Kit includes the following resources:

  • Confirming Authorization to Drive

    How to access and check driver's licences and abstracts, and tips for applying the information.

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  • Confirming Driver Competence

    Practical tools to assess driver performance, build an effective driver training plan, and help employees build the right driving knowledge, skills, and behaviours.

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  • Using SkillCheck to Assess Driver Competencies

    The SkillCheck Driver Assessment Form and Guide, and an instructional video that demonstrates key steps in a ride-along assessment.

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