Our SkillCheck driver assessment tool helps you rate an employee’s ability to operate a work vehicle safely. It includes a guide and form that can be used on a ride-along assessment. Employers, supervisors, or qualified employees can use SkillCheck to record their observations on driver skill, behaviour, and knowledge. Keep the completed form as part of the employee’s training file.

Learn more about how to use SkillCheck in our Assessing and Improving Employee Driving Skills Online Course.

Step 1: Download and review SkillCheck documents

The SkillCheck guide (PDF 2MB) explains 20 criteria for driver assessment. Review it before a ride along. The guide includes an evaluation form you can print and manually fill out during the ride along. You can also download a fillable form (PDF 298KB).

Step 2: Watch SkillCheck video series

Our 3-part video series follows a driver and instructor during a ride-along assessment. The videos include dashcam footage that shows and explains ideal driving behaviours.

Part A: Preparing for the assessment:

Part B: Conducting the assessment:

Part C: Giving feedback after the assessment: