Focus on Drivers

Whether you call them skills, qualifications or competencies, it's important to know that employees who drive for work have what it takes to safely complete their driving assignments. That applies equally whether they drive their own vehicle for work, or they drive a company vehicle.

Before an employee gets behind the wheel, check their driver's licence and abstract to verify they are legally authorized to drive. Read more

Most new employees don't arrive with all of the driving skills and behaviours they will need for your workplace. Invest some time to find out what skills they have and what skills you'll need to help them develop. Read more

One of the worst driving-related hazards - including at work - is driver distractions. Use these videos, links and other resources to find out more about what employers, supervisors and drivers can do to avoid distractions. Read more

Employers, supervisors and drivers need to recognize, understand and deal with the risks of driving while fatigued. Learn how fatigue impacts driving performance, and discover practical guidance and tools to help manage fatigue in your organization. Read more

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Step 1: Plan

Step 2: Do

 Establish Effective Controls

 Focus on Drivers

 Conduct Driver Orientations

 Apply Journey Management

 Use Safe Vehicles


 Provide Necessary Supervision

Step 3: Check

Build Your Road Safety Program