Tool Kit

Tailgate Meetings

Tailgate meetings can help employers meet their responsibility to ensure all workers are trained to work safely. Our guides cover a variety of road safety topics. They save you preparation time by providing a meeting outline that includes tips and information to share with staff. The guides also include a form you can use to easily record the details of the meeting.

How they help

Tailgate meetings are 5-minute to 10-minute discussions with employees. They focus on a specific workplace hazard. Meetings are usually held at the beginning of a work shift and can be formal or informal.

The meetings help create a safe work environment by:

  • Supporting open communication
  • Teaching best practices
  • Identifying areas of improvement
  • Reminding employees of an organization’s policies and expectations

How to hold a tailgate meeting

The goal is to ensure employees understand and follow the steps needed to manage road safety risks. Employers or supervisors usually lead the conversations, though a knowledgeable worker can do it too.

To help make meetings successful:

  1. Schedule them fora regular time.
  2. Devote each one to a single topic that’s relevant to your employees.
  3. Use the toolbox meeting guide as your outline.
  4. Use real-life examples, diagrams, videos, and anything else that can help make your point.
  5. Encourage crew participation by inviting discussion and feedback.
  6. Keep a record of each meeting.
  7. Follow up on any questions or actions raised by your staff.

Tailgate meeting guides

Tailgate Meeting Guide

Backing up Safely

Use this guide to lead a discussion with employees about the risk of driving in reverse.
Tailgate Meeting Guide

Explaining Employee Road Safety Responsibilities

Use this guide to lead a discussion with employees about their road safety responsibilities when driving for work.
Tailgate Meeting Guide

Intersection Safety

This guides provides tips for safely driving in intersections, where about 60% of all crashes reported to ICBC occur.
Tailgate Meeting Guide

Managing Blind Spots

This guide reminds drivers that safe driving habits and properly adjusted mirrors are needed to help them see hazards on the road.
Tailgate Meeting Guide

Preventing Aggressive Driving

This guide helps employees identify and avoid aggressive driving behaviours.
Tailgate Meeting Guide

Preventing Collisions with Wildlife

This guide explains how collisions with wildlife put drivers at risk for injury and cost the employer money.
Tailgate Meeting Guide

Preventing Distracted Driving

This guide helps drivers understand that distracted driving is more than just using their phone.
Tailgate Meeting Guide

Preventing Hydroplaning

This guide can help drivers understand what to do if their vehicle hydroplanes.
Tailgate Meeting Guide

Sharing the Road with Large Trucks

This guide can help employees change their driving behaviour around large trucks.
Tailgate Meeting Guide

Using Personal Vehicles for Work

This guide explains employee safety responsibilities when using a personal vehicle for work purposes.