Build Your Road Safety Program

As is the case for all business processes, achieving your road safety goals starts with a robust plan built on a solid foundation. Whether the company is large, medium or small and whether employees drive company-owned or employee-owned vehicles, your road safety plan needs a practical framework. The Three-Step Process is a straightforward approach you can use to build a plan that’s right for your organization.

A system that works

The Three-Step Process applies management principles that have helped many companies achieve and sustain success. Because ensuring employee health and safety is an essential business function, it is reasonable to expect that these principles work equally well for safety – and they do.

The image below illustrates the Plan / Do / Check planning cycle along with its supporting components.

A successful road safety system involves a committed team of managers, supervisors and drivers that plan, build and apply measures that minimize exposure to driving-related hazards. Continually improving system effectiveness and reliability means learning from experience and working together to reduce the probability, frequency and severity of motor vehicle incidents.


The outer part of the image is the tire. That's where "the rubber hits the road". It shows the three steps: make a plan, implement it and check to ensure those measures are working. A cohesive plan has traction. Putting that plan in motion generates results, moves the organization forward and keeps it rolling in the right direction.


Even the best radial can’t do its job until it is mounted on a wheel. The spokes of the wheel give shape and strength to the process. A management team committed to safety, open communications across the company, employee participation, effective supervision and a spirit of seeking to achieve better and better results support a strong, balanced program.


The hub is at the centre of it all. It connects the spokes. Driver safety - ensuring the health and safety of employees who drive for work – is the central reason your road safety program exists. Employees who are engaged, have the right driving skills and attitudes and who receive necessary supervision are the people who "turn the wheel" to make your road safety plan work.

Everything you need is here

The following sections explain the three steps: PLAN / DO / CHECK. In each section there is a description of the primary purposes of that step, a summary of key activities in that step and links to information, resources and tools you can use to complete those activities in step-wise order.

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Build Your Road Safety Program