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September 2019
Stories this month: Regardless of the winter conditions in your region, participate in the Shift into Winter campaign. Be prepared by downloading the free winter driving safety tool kit! Experts are calling for research into understanding the relationship between marijuana and impairment levels, pointing out that marijuana poses a less understood risk than alcohol. Employer-led investigations of motor vehicle incidents are valuable. They help an organization identify gaps in its safety system so they can be fixed.  Read more

August 2019
Stories this month:  Driver-assist technologies are only as good as the driver. It’s not too early to start planning for the three most dangerous driving months of the year. Download the winter driving safety tool kit. It offers everything you need to plan and implement a winter driving safety program for your workplace. Starting September 1, ICBC will ask you who is driving your car. ICBC’s new driver-based insurance model will rely even more on driver experience and crash history to set premiums.  Read more

July 2019
Stories this month:  How do you supervise someone who is out of sight? Tim Schewer, a retired RCMP constable, says it took 74 seconds longer for drivers to travel through a road construction zone when he measured their speed. We’re in the middle of the Cone Zone campaign, our annual reminder to slow down and pay attention when entering road work zones. On July 8, the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure announced new rules around “ride-hailing services”, which will be legal in BC beginning September 16, 2019 Read more

June 2019
Stories this month:  Employer, Supervisor and worker campaign tools for the Cone Zone awareness campaign. Plan. Do. Check. It’s basic, but this proven three-step framework is a reliable foundation for any road safety program. If your company doesn’t have a road safety program or if your program needs an enhancement, take advantage of our free consulting service. Read more

May 2019
Stories this month:  Support the Cone Zone awareness campaign. Louise Yako is the new Program Director for Road Safety at Work. June is workshop month. Read more

April 2019
Stories this month:  Cone Zone season is approaching.  My RSAW has a handy tool that will help you track your hazards, evaluate the risks and build an action plan to control those risks. The safest 2019 vehicles.  Read more

March 2019
Stories this month:  New safety videos and resources for truck drivers.  Register for the upcoming road safety webinar on preventing collisions with wildlife. A step-by-step guide to strong road-safety policies.  Read more

February 2019
Stories this month:  Register for our next webinar on March 5, 2019. This interactive, one-hour session will explain how employers, managers and supervisors can improve the safety of employees who drive their own vehicles for work. Activate your after-winter driving safety plan. It's time to spring clean your road safety plan.  Read more

January 2019
In this issue:  In 2019, resolve to improve road safety in your organization. Top 10 downloads for 2018. How to calculate the actual cost of a crash.  Read more

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