Journey Management

While they are driving, your employees encounter countless hazards, making driving one of the most risky activities your employees will undertake. This section provides several journey management resources and a mobile-friendly online tool to help your organization eliminate or minimize exposure to those hazards, manage the associated risks and reduce the likelihood any of your employees will be injured in a work-related crash.

The Journey Management Tool Kit includes the following resources:

  • Get Started

    This section explains what journey management is and why it is important to workplace safety.

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  • Put Journey Management to Work

    Learn how to apply the three key steps of journey management, and how to build effective trip plans.

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  • Establish A Check-In System

    Understand the value of having a check-in system built into your journey management process.

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  • Use TripCheck

    Have your staff use this mobile-friendly tool to prepare for and document the trips they take. Use the handy email function to submit their travel plans to their supervisor and check-in contacts.

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  • Resources

    Access links and downloads for all of the journey management resources we offer.

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