Vehicle Inspections

You count on your vehicle to regularly and reliably deliver you to your destination. People that you share the road with expect that your vehicle is in sound condition – drivers following often rely on your working brake lights to cue their braking reaction; cyclists and pedestrians expect that your wipers are working and that a damaged windshield doesn’t impair your ability to see them. Whether you travel on long trips across BC or short trips across town, it is necessary to walk around your vehicle to inspect key vehicle components and confirm they are in proper operating condition.

Several factors should influence how often and thoroughly you inspect your vehicle. For example, if you travel during severe weather conditions or on rugged gravel roads, you should be inspecting all aspects of your vehicle more often. Aggressive driving in demanding stop and go urban traffic is hard on your vehicle; insist on daily inspections.

Rather than consider all of the variables to come up with an inspection formula specific to your vehicle or your operations, a good practice is to adopt a two-level approach: daily inspections of critical mechanical and safety items, and weekly inspections for a closer look at key vehicle components.

For practical “how to” information that will help drivers complete inspections, see Tips for Conducting Vehicle inspections. To help you record and track inspections, see the links below. You are welcome to modify these sample forms to suit your needs.

Daily Pre-Trip Inspection & Mileage Log V1 - combination of daily pre-trip and business mileage tracker (DOCX 25KB, PDF 273KB).

Daily Pre-Trip Inspection & Mileage Log V2 - combination of daily pre-trip and business mileage tracker (DOCX 15KB, PDF 240KB).

Daily Inspection and Maintenance Form – record and track daily inspections, any deficiencies plus associated follow-up (DOCX 15KB, PDF 238KB).

Daily and Weekly Pre-Trip Inspection - record and track daily and weekly inspections, any deficiencies and follow-up action (XLSX 17KB, PDF 25KB).

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