Vehicle Inspections

You count on your vehicle to safely and reliably get you where you're going. The people you share the road with expect that your vehicle is road-worthy. Other drivers rely on your brake and signal lights to cue their driving actions. Cyclists and pedestrians expect that your wipers are working so you can see them, and so they can establish eye contact with you at a crosswalk. Plus, there are legal obligations to ensure work vehicles are regularly inspected to confirm they are in sound operating condition.

Several factors can influence how often you inspect your vehicle. For normal driving in typical urban conditions, a daily start of shift inspection may be sufficient. But if you are driving on rugged gravel roads, you should check your tires a few times during the day. Some drivers take a two-level approach: daily inspections of crucial vehicle functions supported by weekly inspections of components that deserve a closer look, and take a little more time.

  • Vehicle Safety Inspection Video

    A step-by-step demonstration of how to inspect your vehicle from the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

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  • Tips for Conducting Vehicle inspections

    Practical "how to" guidance on inspecting specific vehicle components

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  • Customizable Vehicle Inspection Forms

    Customizable forms to record and track vehicle inspections, mileage, and maintenance.

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