Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

In order for an organization to take targeted actions that prevent motor vehicle crashes and safeguard employees, it must first understand the factors that contribute to those crashes. Identifying the hazards employees encounter and evaluating the associated risks are two essential steps in an effective road safety program.


This Tool Kit explains hazard identification and risk assessment from a road safety perspective. It provides tools that will help you identify and categorize the driving-related hazards your employees encounter, systematically evaluate the risks and set your priorities to control those risks. There are five parts.

  • The Basics

    Look here for definitions of terms and explanations of key concepts.

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  • Hazard Identification

    Steps to systematically identify hazards, linked to a customizable hazard inventory.

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  • Risk Assessment

    A straight-forward risk assessment procedure with explanations and examples.

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  • RiskCheck

    An all-in-one tool you can use to identify driving-related hazards, evaluate associated risks, set your action plan and access the resources to accomplish that.

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  • Resources

    Links to relevant tools, resources, forms and examples.

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