Reducing the Risks of Driver Fatigue

Fatigue creates a serious safety risk for drivers. It’s one of the leading contributors to crashes in BC. Fatigue is a form of impairment that slows driver reaction times and affects their concentration.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How fatigue impacts driver safety and health
  • The science behind fatigue
  • The ways organizations can manage fatigue
  • Things drivers can do to better manage fatigue

Susan Sawatzky, President and Founder of In-Scope Solutions and an international consultant and speaker on fatigue management and workplace stress, shares her expert views.

Robert Clark, Director, Health and Safety at The Universal Group, shares his experience and advice on managing fatigue in the workplace.

Heather Kahle, a human factors specialist at WorkSafeBC, shares her expertise in reducing the risks of fatigue.

You can view short videos on key topics or the entire webinar. You can also download slides from the webinar and review some of the submitted questions and answers.

Videos on key topics

These videos cover some of the main points about managing drive fatigue. They run 45 seconds to 6 minutes each. They are drawn from our Asleep at the Wheel webinar and the Road Safety at Work resource library.

Why Fatigue is a Driving Hazard

Fatigue is a form of impairment. Learn how it compares with alcohol consumption, and about the significant role it plays in crashes. (3:12)

Presented by Susan Sawatzky of In-Scope Solutions.

How Fatigue Impacts Us

Fatigue builds over time. Learn how it can gradually affect a driver’s alertness, emotional stability, and mental and physical capabilities. (1:48)

Presented by Susan Sawatzky of In-Scope Solutions.

What Drivers Can do to Reduce Fatigue

Everyone who drives can become fatigued. Learn what you can do before you get behind the wheel, and when you’re driving, to help manage your risk. (4:28)

Presented by Susan Sawatzky of In-Scope Solutions.

Employer Case Study on Fatigue

How do other employers deal with driver fatigue? Learn how Universal Group uses scheduling and other tactics to help keep its employees safe. (6:10)

Presented by Robert Clark of the Universal Group.

Fatigue Reduction Strategies

Employers can take a variety of steps to reduce driver fatigue. Use these tips in safety meetings to help train and educate employees. (5:05)

Presented by Susan Sawatzky of In-Scope Solutions.

The Nappuccino

Drivers need some techniques to help them stay alert on the road. Use this quick combination of caffeine and napping to give yourself a boost. (0:45)

Presented by Susan Sawatzky of In-Scope Solutions.

Quiz: Do You Have Sleep Debt?

Many people aren’t getting enough sleep. Use this 6-question quiz to assess your own situation, then check out our other fatigue videos for tips on how to reduce your sleep debt. (3:25)

Presented by Susan Sawatzky of In-Scope Solutions.

Fatigue Risk Assessment Framework

A risk assessment can help you identify and control the risks of workplace fatigue. Learn a 4-step approach you can take to manage the risk for employees. (4:45)

Presented by Heather Kahle, Human Factors Specialist with WorkSafeBC.

An Overview of Fatigue Management

Need some ideas on how your organization can address driver fatigue? Review these suggestions, which range from education to scheduling to the use of technology. (1:48)

Presented by Heather Kahle, Human Factors Specialist with WorkSafeBC.

Full webinar video: Reducing the Risks of Driver Fatigue

Fatigue magnifies the risks associated with complex tasks like driving. Watch this webinar to learn how to recognize, assess, and reduce the risks of driver fatigue.


You can download a PDF of the webinar slides. The file includes a page of links to some of the resources mentioned by the presenters.


Q & A

You can review some of the questions that were submitted for the webinar, as well as the answers provided by our experts.

What are some points to cover while educating my employees about driver fatigue?
What conditions can affect driver fatigue?
What can we do when an employee says they are fatigued while driving?
How helpful are energy drinks for countering fatigue?

To get answers to your safety questions about managing driver fatigue, contact us.

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