Reducing the Risks of Driver Fatigue

Fatigue creates a serious safety risk for drivers. It’s one of the leading contributors to crashes in BC. Fatigue is a form of impairment that slows driver reaction times and affects their concentration.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How fatigue impacts driver safety and health
  • The science behind fatigue
  • The ways organizations can manage fatigue
  • Things drivers can do to better manage fatigue

Susan Sawatzky, an international consultant and speaker on fatigue management and workplace stress, shares her expert views.

Robert Clark, Director, Health and Safety at The Universal Group, shares his experience and advice on managing fatigue in the workplace.

Full webinar video: Reducing the Risks of Driver Fatigue


You can download a PDF of the webinar slides. The file includes a page of links to some of the resources mentioned by the presenters.