A Crash Course in Collision Investigations

If any of your employees are involved in a crash while driving for work, it can be devastating for them and their families. It can also be very costly for your organization. That’s why you, as an employer, should always be ready to conduct your own crash investigations, and learn why a crash occurred and what you need to do to prevent similar crashes from happening again. Employer-led crash investigations can help save lives and prevent injuries, improve your operational practices, close gaps in your safety systems, and protect your company from future charges and liabilities.

 In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to respond if one of your employees is involved in a crash.
  • What to watch for and what to do/not do if you are at a crash scene.
  • How to investigate the incident so you get the information you want/need to protect your workers and prevent future crashes.
  • Where to find additional resources.

This webinar is presented in partnership with BC Highway Patrol, Fraser Coast Integrated Road Safety Unit.

Full webinar video: A Crash Course in Collision Investigations


You can download a PDF of the webinar slides. The file includes a page of links to some of the resources mentioned by the presenters.

Download slides