About Cone Zone

About Cone Zone

Our annual Cone Zone campaign is a joint provincial initiative supported by the Work Zone Safety Alliance and managed by Road Safety at Work.

It runs year round, with an emphasis on the busy spring and summer seasons for roadside work.

Our goal is to eliminate injuries, deaths, and crashes in BC work zones.

Our messages are aimed at employers, employees who work at the roadside at any time, and the general driving public. We aim to:

  • Increase safe driving behaviours in roadside work zones
  • Increase employer use of safer roadside work zones
  • Increase worker knowledge and understanding of their rights, responsibilities, and safe roadside work zone practices

Our campaign began in 2011 when WorkSafeBC and the BCAA Road Safety Foundation started what would eventually become the Work Zone Safety Alliance.

The Work Zone Safety Alliance

The Alliance’s private and public sector organizations are committed to improving the safety of roadside workers. Current members are:

Need more information?

Contact us if you’re interested in becoming a member of the Alliance or have questions about our Cone Zone campaign.