Using SkillCheck to Assess Driver Competencies

Ride-along assessments are a great way to observe and evaluate employee driving skills and behaviours. With a little practice, you or one of your employees can use our SkillCheck Driver Assessment Guide and Form to do driver assessments.

While some companies choose to hire a qualified third-party to assess drivers, in-house assessments usually provide scheduling flexibility and cost savings. Make sure whoever you choose for the task has solid driving competencies.

To help you prepare for doing assessments, we recommend following the 3 steps below.

Step 1: Download and review the SkillCheck Driver Assessment Guide

Developed in cooperation with the Justice Institute of BC Driver Education Centre, the Guide explains the 20 criteria used to evaluate driver competencies. Review the Guide and the Form together so you’ll understand the driving behaviours assessors should look for during a ride-along.

checkbox Download SkillCheck Driver Assessment Guide (PDF 2MB)

checkbox Download SkillCheck Driver Assessment Form (fillable PDF 298KB)

checkbox Download SkillCheck Driver Assessment Form (printable PDF 180KB)

Step 2: Watch the video explaining how to do driver assessments

The short 3-part video Using Ride-Along Assessments to Improve Employee Driving Skills follows a driving instructor and a driver as they complete a ride-along assessment. It provides narrated dash-cam footage that explains and shows each of the necessary driving behaviours.

Part A: Preparing for the Assessment

Part B: Conducting the Assessment

Part C: Giving Feedback After the Assessment

Step 3: Complete our no-cost online course

Assessing and Improving Employee Driving Skills guides you through the process of basic driver assessments. The course also identifies tools and services you can use to address skill gaps among your employees who drive for work. And it explains ways you can support your employees to help them build driving competencies.

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