Driver Assessment Tool

The best way to evaluate driving skills and behaviours is by direct observation. Some organizations choose to have an experienced, third party (e.g., a driver training provider) evaluate employees who drive for work purposes. However, with the right tools and a little practice, employers can carry out basic evaluations to identify driving strengths as well as opportunities for improvement.

If you have an on-staff trainer, a supervisor or an experienced driver that demonstrates the driving competencies your company requires, ask them to download and review the Driver Assessment Guide and either the fillable or printable version of the Driver Assessment form.

checkbox Download Driver Assessment Guide (PDF 179 KB)

checkbox Download Driver Assessment Form (fillable PDF 261 KB)

checkbox Download Driver Assessment Form (printable PDF 339 KB)

Developed in cooperation with the JIBC Driver Education Centre, the Guide explains each of the scoring criteria along with the driving behaviours that assessors should expect to see during ride-along assessments.

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