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For many workers, driving poses the greatest risk of work-related injury or death. TripCheck is an easy-to-use, step-by-step planning tool to help you and your workers reduce the risk associated with driving for work.

TripCheck - in combination with effective training, supervision and inspections - helps workers determine if driving is necessary and, if it is, build a trip plan that minimizes risks. TripCheck also enables users to document and share their plan.

Click on “Start TripCheck” to complete the checklist electronically, then use the handy e-mail function to send the results to a co-worker or a supervisor. To document your diligence, save the results e-mail to a computer, or print it for the company files.

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If you prefer to use hard copy forms, click on “TripCheck Offline Forms” and download the formatted one-page form.

TripCheck Offline Forms


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