Distracted Driving Policy Examples

Because driving while distracted is a leading cause or contributor to motor vehicle incidents (MVI’s), one of the most effective ways that employers can make a positive impact to reduce work-related MVI’s is to have and implement a policy that prohibits cell phone use while driving, and restricts your drivers’ distractions. In order to be successful, your policy needs to be practical, applicable to your work circumstances, clearly communicated, and understood by your drivers.

Below are 2 examples of a distracted driving policy. At your next safety meeting, engage employees in a discussion to see which one best fits your organization. Both are Word documents, so you can make necessary adjustments. Then, meet with drivers to explain the policy, answer their questions and receive their signature confirming they agree to apply specified procedures.

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Distracted Driving Policy Example One Distracted Driving Policy Example One (DOCX 50KB)
Distracted Driving Policy Example Two Distracted Driving Policy Example Two (DOCX 15KB)

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