Journey Management

Driving is the riskiest activity that most employees will face. Drivers encounter risks associated with the vehicle (e.g. mechanical failure), the driving environment (e.g. road and weather conditions, traffic, pedestrians) and the driver (e.g. distractions, fatigue, stress).

A great way to eliminate those risks is to simply avoid travel. Before you automatically get behind the wheel, ask if there is another way to get the job done. Can you use an online meeting, telephone call, e-mail or video conference?

If you decide you must travel, consider your options. On a kilometre by kilometre basis, travel by air, train or bus is less risky than driving. Limiting work-related driving reduces your personal risk, builds cost efficiencies, and softens your environmental footprint.

If driving is necessary in your workplace, TripCheck is the quick, easy-to-use tool drivers should use to plan and prepare for journeys that minimize driving-related hazards.

Click on “Start TripCheck” to complete the checklist electronically, then use the handy e-mail function to send the results to a co-worker or a supervisor. To document your diligence, save the results e-mail to a computer, or print it for the company files. If you prefer hard copy forms, click on “TripCheck Forms” to download formatted one-page forms you can complete and save.

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