Supervisor responsibilities

A supervisor is anyone who instructs, directs, and controls employees in the performance of their work, including driving duties. Your job title doesn’t matter. If you meet this definition, you’re a supervisor and supervisory responsibilities apply to you.

The following information focuses on supervisor responsibilities assigned by WorkSafeBC.

Your responsibilities

Your broad duties for road safety include ensuring:

  • The health and safety of employees under your supervision
  • Employees are aware of known and reasonably foreseeable hazards
  • Employees comply with the regulations

That means you need to know and understand the work-related driving employees do, the vehicles they operate, the circumstances and conditions in which they drive, and the hazards they encounter. Your employer remains ultimately accountable for this responsibility.

You need to know about the health and safety regulations that apply to the work you supervise. Your employer is responsible for providing the support and training you need to perform your duties.

Your shared responsibilities

Your employer can designate other health and safety duties to you even though the employer remains ultimately accountable. Drivers can be assigned duties as well. The system works best when employers, supervisors, and drivers share responsibilities.

For example, your employer can exercise their responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe workplace by assigning you to determine whether drivers are competent. Drivers, in turn, must demonstrate their driving competencies and follow all laws and company procedures. Sharing responsibility means that everyone has a stake in making the workplace safe.

Meeting WorkSafeBC responsibilities

Ensuring drivers follow best road safety practices can help you fulfill your obligations, and help employees avoid crashes and make it safely through the day. Learn how you can provide necessary supervision.

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