Quick Start to Better Road Safety in Your Organization

Your employees are your greatest asset. This website is full of free tools and resources to help you protect them when they drive for work.

Suggestions to DRIVE your road safety program:

Driver: Make sure drivers are prepared for the journeys they make.

Use the Journey Management tool kit or take the Journey Management online course to improve their safety before they get behind the wheel. Use the Driver Qualifications tool kit to ensure employees are qualified for the driving you assign.

Risk: Understand the driving-related risks your employees face when they drive for work.

Use the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment tool kit and the interactive tool to complete a customised risk assessment and set priorities for action.

Investigate: Investigate crashes to determine their root cause.

Use the Investigating Motor Vehicle Incidents tool kit or take the Investigating Motor Vehicle Incidents online course to reduce the likelihood of a crash happening again.

Vehicle: Make sure vehicles are safe to drive.

Use the Vehicle Inspection forms and the Vehicle Maintenance tool kit to ensure the vehicles your employees drive are roadworthy.

Engage: Talk to your employees periodically about your road safety expectations.

Use the Communications tool kit and these tailgate meeting guides to improve your safety communications.  And subscribe to the Road Safety Planner to jumpstart your road safety journey.

This website contains many more online tools, resources and online courses. We also offer free road safety workshops, webinars and consulting services to help BC employers create, implement and monitor road safety policies and practices that address their specific occupational driving issues.

Whether you are a small business with a few employees who drive employee-owned vehicles for work, or a large business with hundreds of employees and fleet vehicles, we offer the resources you need to help protect your employees when they drive for work.

Why Road Safety Matters