The WorkSafeBC view

Fast facts about road safety (2014 - 2018)

  • Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of traumatic workplace deaths in BC accounting for 34 per cent of all traumatic workplace fatalities
  • On average, 19 workers die in work-related motor vehicle crashes every year
  • On average, another 1,319 are injured and miss time from work
  • Workers injured in motor vehicle crashes are off work longer – an average of 84 days in 2018 – compared to the average duration of 55 days for all claims in the same year
  • The average cost of a crash claim is about $44,000 more than twice the average cost of all WorkSafeBC claims (almost $20,000)
  • In 2018, WorkSafeBC paid about $60 million in claims costs for work-related crashes
  • Motor vehicle crashes make up 2.5 percent of all work-related injuries resulting in time away from work, but account for 5.5 percent of total claims costs
  • Your business’s WorkSafeBC experience rating is directly related to the costs of claims for work-related injuries sustained by your employees

Why Road Safety Matters