Road Safety At Work is an initiative managed by the Justice Institute of BC and funded by WorkSafeBC to help employers improve the safety of workers who drive for work or who work at the roadside. Our mandate is to increase employers’ awareness of their responsibilities for the “workplace on wheels” and deliver programs and resources to help reduce the number of work-related motor vehicle crashes, deaths and injuries on British Columbia roads.

Our vision is to:

Reduce worker motor vehicle incidents (MVIs) and related deaths and injuries on BC roads.

Our primary audiences are the employers of people who operate a motor vehicle in the course of their work, including individuals for whom driving is their main work function (or occupational drivers), and those for whom operating a vehicle is a secondary or incidental aspect of their work.

Our efforts focus on road safety awareness, education and training.

Our mission has three components:

  • Inform BC employers about their road safety responsibilities
  • Engage employers to integrate road safety into their safety programs
  • Enable and assist employers to develop, implement and improve their road safety programs


Our Services

This website is one of our core services and features topic-specific resources and an online assessment tool to help employers get started or enhance an occupational road safety program and assess its effectiveness.

We offer workshops to help participants begin or improve an occupational road safety program. During these workshops, participants will learn how to effectively use the tools, resources and content on this website and customize them to address the unique road safety issues and needs of their organizations.

We also offer one-on-one advisory services in-person, on-the-phone or online, and free of charge. During consultations we can review a safety program to identify strengths and gaps, and collaborate to develop policies, safe work procedures or solutions for a specific issue.

For more information, contact us at info@roadsafetyatwork.ca

Who We Are