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December 2020
Stories this month:

  • Staying safe during the holidays.  Manage impairment
  • Fatigue as impairment. Take steps to recognize and manage fatigue in your workplace. Find fatigue resources
  • Employer legal obligations. Understand your obligations to ensure your workers are safe when driving for work. Learn more

November 2020
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  • Pandemic may be worsening impairment risk.  Read more
  • Rethinking driving-related hazards.  Learn more
  • Take time to properly adjust your headrest.  Learn more

October 2020
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September 2020
Stories this month: See full issue

  • Get ready to shift into winter! Use the Employer Tool Kit to help prepare before, during and after winter. Winterize your vehicles and make sure employees who drive their own vehicles do the same. And whether they drive a company-owned or personal vehicle for work, help your employees stay safe on the roads by being prepared for winter driving. Read more
  • Are you a focused driver? While we know that distracted driving is dangerous, many of us believe we are able to multitask while driving. Take this interactive quiz from the UK’s Open University and discover just how difficult it can be to avoid distractions, remain focused and drive safely. Take the quiz
  • Fatigue and workplace risk. If your employees are fatigued while they are driving, it can increase the risk of incidents and injuries to themselves, their co-workers, and other road users. A new resource from WorkSafeBC outlines a three-step process to help identify, assess and control the risks associated with fatigue at work.  Learn more

August 2020
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  • Help keep roadside workers safe. Check out resources for employers and workers and let’s keep all workers safe. Employer and Supervisor tools and Worker tools.
  • It's not me, it's them. A survey of Canadian drivers found that 95% believe they are good drivers.  Overconfidence can lead to risk-taking behaviours that increase the chances of being in a collision.  Read more
  • Tune up before heading out. When vehicles have been parked or stored for a few months, it’s important to do a thorough inspection before they’re put back on the road.  Learn how

July 2020
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  • Promote the Cone Zone campaign. The annual Cone Zone campaign launched July 6 and runs until August 31. Find resources
  • We’ve all observed various aggressive driving behaviours. Use our new Tailgate Meeting Guide, Avoiding Aggressive Drivers, to help your employees learn how.  Read more

June 2020
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May 2020
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April 2020
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New Road Safety at Work resources available on-line.

This is the second month of dramatic measures to reduce the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

March 2020
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A special edition featuring the driving risks and resources related to COVID-19

February 2020
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  • Recently released survey results reported by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation indicate impaired driving is on the rise in Canada. See full story
  • Preventing motor vehicle crashes is an investment that pays dividends. See full story
  • Road Safety at Work wants to identify a few road safety star employers to highlight in future newsletters. Tell us what you’ve done to raise consciousness about road safety, reduce the number of crashes or just implemented a vehicle crash prevention measure that deserves recognition. Don’t be shy – we’d like to shine a light on your achievements! Email your story to  info@roadsafetyatwork.ca.

January 2020
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  • Do you want to know more about automated vehicles? Guest speaker Dan Murray, Sr. Vice President of the American Trucking Research Institute will conduct a webinar on this topic on February 5, 2020. See full story
  • RSAW conducts its annual campaign from January 6 to March 29 throughout BC to encourage employers to do one more thing to continue to improve the safety of employees and contractors when they are driving. See full story
  • Top 10 downloads of 2019. See full story

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