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December 2018
In this issue:  A new online course demonstrates how to conduct an effective employer-led motor vehicle crash investigation. Register now for a free webinar in which you will learn about best road safety practices and how to build and sustain a culture that will support them. Driving tips for the holiday season.  Read more

November 2018
This issue highlights a new and improved Road Safety Plan TemplateEffective communication is an essential component of any successful road safety plan. A new study has found that 10 per cent more Canadian drivers are using winter tires this year compared to last year. Read more

October 2018
This issue highlights a new, fillable driver assessment form and companion document  for employers who want to conduct in-house assessments, an event that was held recently on the steps of the legislature in Victoria to officially launch winter driving season in BC, and if you missed the live webinar on distracted driving, check out the recorded versionRead more

September 2018
This issue announces a new guide that explains the winter driving safety regulations commercial carriers must adhere to and how to comply with them.  Learn how to prepare and hold a successful tailgate meeting with this handy guide. Announcing our first free webinar on distracted driving. Read more

August 2018
This issue covers preparing for the legalization of cannabis, preparing for winter driving, and tips for employees who drive. Read more

July 2018
How to evaluate driving risks. Tips for driving in hot weather. Slow down and move over. It’s the law. Read more

June 2018
Learn about traffic control devices to protect roadside workers. A new tailgate guide on how to prevent hydroplaning. The US-based Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has come out with its list of the safest 2018 vehicles. Read more

May 2018
Cone Zone launch 2018. It’s that time of year again when roadside workers are out in full force across the province.  How to prevent crashes in intersections. Attend a free road safety workshop. Read more

April 2018
A new tailgate meeting guide in now available about how to prevent collisions with wildlife. How to create a road safety plan. Road Safety at Work Week winners named. Read more

March 2018
Introducing the online course that explains how to build an effective journey management process. Check out our step-by-step guide to help you plan, budget and prepare for next year. Road Safety at Work’s Build Your Road Safety Plan explains the process of creating a plan in three simple steps: plan, do and check. Read more

February 2018
There is still time to register for Road Safety at Work Week. Creating a road safety plan for your organization just got easier with the launch of Road Safety at Work’s Build Your Road Safety Plan. Check out the Road Safety at Work’s updated Motor Vehicle Incident calculator. Read more

January 2018
Find out about Road Safety at Work Week and how to register.  Read the new resource for community and home care workers.  Check out the new chaining-up guide for commercial drivers  Read more

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