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December 2017
Whether your employees are driving on or off the job, driving during the holidays is even more dangerous than at other times of the year. How to prevent hypothermia.  Read more

November 2017
Use the new Workplace Motor Vehicle Incident Investigation took kit when a work-related crash happens. Learn why it happened and how it can be prevented. Trucking associations across Canada have a new process for missing commercial vehicle drivers. Read more

October 2017
Find out how to be truck aware. Two-thirds of fatal car-truck collisions are the fault of the passenger vehicle. Tell us about your success using road safety tools and you will be eligible for a gift card.  Read more

September 2017
Driving a truck is a sedentary job but with modest changes to diet and exercise drivers can improve their physical and mental health. Check out this handy guide to help you choose the winter tire that is right for the driving you do.  Read more

August 2017
A new WorkSafeBC guide contains tips on how to work in smoky areas. Crashes are on the rise in BC and our bad driving habits are to blame. It's time to get ready for winter.  Read more

July 2017
We have a new suite of customizable resources to help employees plan and document road trips. Also available is an updated version of TripCheck - a mobile friendly tool with an interactive checklist and integrated trip plan forms.  Read more

June 2017
Working along the roadside is a reality for thousands of BC workers. Slow down and drive with care in a cone zone. Keep young and new workers safe by ensuring they have the qualifications and competencies for the driving you assign them.  Read more

May 2017
Take our quiz to test your knowledge about requirements to work in roadside Cone Zones. New easy-to-use risk assessment tool takes you through a step-by-step process to identify your driving related hazards, evaluate risks and build measures to eliminate or minimize those risks.  Read more

April 2017
Building Policies and Procedures online course is now available. Learn the eight steps for building effective safe driving policies and procedures for your workplace. New Tailgate meeting guide two-page resource for tow truck operators is also available.  Read more

March 2017
Make check-ins part of your journey management process. Find out what you need to know as an employer or supervisor to ensure your employees are qualified to drive. Check out our upcoming workshops.  Read more

February 2017
The new WorksafeBC's Employers' Guide to Road Safety Requirements provides information for employers, supervisors and drivers. It's time to Shift out of winter and implement your after-winter road safety plan.  Read more

January 2017
Road Safety at Work Week is a time for BC organizations to take action to improve the safety of employees who drive for work. Make this year the year you review and improve your road safety plan.   Read more

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