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December 2016
My car does what? Focuses on vehicles on the road today that have safety features that can help drivers be safer. Tires and stopping distances and making sure your team is ready for holiday driving.   Read more

November 2016
Learn how to control exposure to driving-related hazards in our new, free online course. Use our roadsafety plan template. Winter tires 101.   Read more

October 2016
Check out the improvements we have made to our website and make safety a habit in your organization by conducting tailgate meetings. Focus on winter driving at your next meeting.   Read more

September 2016
It's time to shift into winter, particpate in one of our workshops and tackle distracted driving in your organization using our tools.   Read more

July 2016
In this edition we launched a new online course focused on hazard identification and risk assessment, a roadside workeer safety tool kit and a link to our mobile app survey.  Read more

June 2016
Topics include how to run a successful tailgate meeting, Go-Kart ride wins safety award, and TripCheck, our handy online tool your employees can use to document the easy steps of effective journey management.   Read more

May 2016
As summer approaches, many organizations are gearing up to hire students and younger workers. On the other end of the age spectrum, if your business has drivers 55 and older, it’s important you understand and manage the risks associated with older drivers.   Read more

April 2016
New tools and resources including how to build effective procedures to control driving hazards and from our ConeZone website, a hazard identification checklist and a tailgate meeting guide, plus much more.   Read more

March 2016
Road Safety at Work Week is a week for BC businesses to focus on improving the safety of employees who drive for work. This year the focus is on helping businesses better understand their responsibilities to their employees when they are behind the wheel for work.   Read more

February 2016
This issue focuses on our new hazard identification tool, a new winter driving  tool  to help you to be prepared before you head out, and the launch of our new free online course.   Read more

January 2016
The second annual Road Safety at Work Week takes place March 7 – 11. With 24 people a year killed and another 1,300 injured, road crashes are a serious workplace issue in BC.   Read more

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