Two surveys reach same finding: many employers unaware of their responsibilities for managing their grey fleets


A recent study out of the UK about work-related driving found that 41 per cent of employers are not aware that they have the same duty of care and are liable for worker safety when their workers drive personal vehicles for work as when they drive company vehicles.  A Road Safety at Work (RSAW) survey in March 2016 drew the same conclusion.

The RSAW survey found that while 75 per cent of employers agreed they have a legal duty to ensure the health and safety of their workers when they drive a company vehicle for work, only 59 per cent agreed they have the same legal duty when workers use their own vehicles for work.

What is the grey fleet?

Grey fleet refers to any vehicle owned or leased by an employee and used for work purposes other than commuting to and from an employee’s primary place of work.

If you use your own vehicle even occasionally for work-related activities – to run errands, for example – you are part of the grey fleet.**

Implications of awareness gap

This means that 41 per cent of BC employers are not aware they need to actively manage their grey fleets.  And, given the size of the grey fleet in BC, that presents a significant safety issue.

Situation in BC

The RSAW survey found that only 18 per cent of BC organizations with workers who drive for work had workers who drove only company vehicles. The overwhelming majority -- 82 per cent – had workers who either drove both company and personal vehicles (39 per cent) or their only their own vehicles (43 per cent).

The bottom line

Organizations need to manage their grey fleets the same way they manage their traditional fleets. Should a work-related crash occur in which a worker is killed or seriously injured, organizations would have to show that they had done their due diligence and had safe work practices in place to protect the worker, whether they had been driving a company vehicle or their own.

Helpful resources available

Road Safety at Work offers tools and resources, even a free online course to help BC employers better understand and meet their road safety responsibilities and implement safety policies and practices that reduce driver risk.

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Two surveys reach same finding: many employers unaware of their responsibilities for managing their grey fleets