Topic of the Month – Shift Into Winter

Shift into Winter

Snow, ice, rain, and fog: These are just a few of the challenges that winter weather presents. Every day, drivers and workers risk being injured or killed while on the road. When winter arrives, that risk increases significantly. Are you up to the challenge? Remember, winter driving means more than just clearing your windshield.

Before you head out, always check road and weather conditions at for your entire route. If conditions are challenging, ask yourself: Do you really need to go? Sometimes the best defensive driving is staying at home. Avoid driving in harsh conditions whenever possible. If you do have to go, prepare yourself, prepare your vehicle, and know how to drive for the conditions. Take note of these tips and shift into winter – safely.

  • Install winter tires: Use four matched winter tires that carry the winter tire logo (even if you drive a 4 x 4).
  • Give yourself plenty of time. Before you leave, clear snow and ice from every window, the lights, mirrors, hood, and roof. Always wait for the window to defrost completely to give you full visibility.
  • Keep at least four seconds distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. This increases your safety if you need to brake suddenly.
  • If you drive for a living, why not ask your employer for winter driving training? Knowing how to brake safely, or get out of a skid could save your life.

Remember: Always drive for the winter conditions.

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Topic of the Month – Shift Into Winter