It’s time to shift into winter!

Winter will be arriving soon in many parts of the province so now is the time to get out your winter driving plan and get your employees and their vehicles ready to navigate the driving hazards that go along with the season.

Ice, snow, fog and limited daylight hours make winter the deadliest time of year on BC roads. ICBC reports the number of crashes in which someone is killed or injured from driving too fast for the conditions doubles from 114 in October to 222 in December.1

Tool kit and online course available

Check out to help you. It has everything you need including a tool kit and an online winter driving course. Both are designed specifically for managers, supervisors and employers and contain everything you need to plan, implement and monitor a winter driving safety program in your workplace. Both are divided into three sections -- Before, During and After Winter – to make it easy for you to identify and prioritize an action plan based on the time of year.

And, best of all, both are completely free!

The tool kit contains guides tailgate talk guides, sample policies and procedures and a winter driving survival checklist to name a few.

The course provides easy step-by-step instructions on how to use the tool kit, and features interactive quizzes, scenarios as well as real-time and animated videos to bring the content to life and engage learners.

Get started with your winter driving plan now!

1 ICBC Police-reported data 2010-2014.

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It’s time to shift into winter!