Be Inspired by this Road Safety Success Story

National Hydronics Group

Sheilagh Rally’s can-do attitude came in handy when she started working for National Hydronics Group (NHG) in September 2018.  As the new Corporate Safety Officer, she wanted to make a quick and obvious difference in her new role at this Surrey-based plumbing and heating contractor.

In her words, “One of my first goals was to ensure all the fleet drivers (mostly in the Service Division but a few from our Plumbing & Sprinkler Divisions also) were completing their daily pre-trip inspection [forms]. I told them there would be a prize for the worker with the most consistent record for completing their inspections. At Christmas, I had only 70 percent involvement (3 hold-outs). I had a clear winner who received a $100 Canadian Tire Gift Card. Seeing that result gave the hold-outs the impetus required to join in the ‘fun’.”

On December 4, 2019, Sheilagh attended a Road Safety at Work workshop in Langley. Applying the tips she learned at the workshop, Sheilagh began a road safety program at NHG. RSAW workshop participants are encouraged to develop a short-term action plan and Sheilagh did just that.

First, Sheilagh collected current driver’s license and abstract information for all NHG’s fleet drivers and added it to their e-file information page.

Second, at NHG’s Christmas party, Sheilagh took an informal poll to determine which workers drove, or had ever driven, their own vehicle on company business. (Employers are just as responsible for the safety of these employees when they drive as they are for fleet drivers.)

Third, Sheilagh added some of the resources available on the Road Safety at Work website – primarily Tailgate Meeting Guides -- to NHG’s internal e-files so that they were available to all NHG’s employees via an app. The app meant employees could access the documents on their own phones or on the foreman’s tablet whenever it’s convenient or they’re needed for reference. These included information on hydroplaning, driving in rainy weather, and preparing your vehicle for winter weather. (The Road Safety at Work website offers information on a variety of other road-related safety topics.)

Sheilagh and NHG are moving along on their road safety journey. She knows that her actions raise awareness that contribute to NHG employees actively thinking about what they need to do to make it home safely.

Let Sheilagh inspire you. What can you do to encourage or guide your employees to be safer when driving for work?

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Be Inspired by this Road Safety Success Story