Vehicle Maintenance

For many employers and employees, having a safe, reliable vehicle is an essential part of conducting business. Work vehicles must be well-maintained in order to meet legal requirements (e.g. as described in the Motor Vehicle Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation). Vehicle manufacturers specify maintenance activities and schedules that must be completed to avoid voiding the warranty. Most importantly, drivers need a vehicle that is equipped and maintained to meet on-the-job expectations, and does not fail in a way that causes or contributes to a motor vehicle incident. Check out pages in this section for helpful information and tools to help you plan and implement an effective vehicle maintenance plan for cars and light-duty trucks and vans.

  • AutoCheck

    AutoCheck is a quick reference table that identifies key vehicle components, and describes how often you should expect they will require maintenance attention. In the table, each component name is hyper-linked to a “how to” video or other helpful resource.

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  • Maintaining Vehicles After Prolonged Periods of Downtime

    Putting a vehicle safely back to work after it hasn’t been used for more than a month involves a few extra maintenance steps.

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  • Maintenance That’s Right for You and Your Vehicle

    Tips and guidance to help you make decisions about a vehicle maintenance program that works for you, your vehicle and your driving circumstances.

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  • Find Your Vehicle Owner’s Manual

    The Owner's Manual that came with the vehicle you operate contains essential operation and maintenance information. If you don’t have that manual, or if you simply prefer to access the information online, use these links for access to the Owner's Manual for your vehicle.

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