Road Safety Plan Template

Use this section to build your road safety plan document. It identifies the core elements of a road safety plan and provides instructions and links to the resources you'll need for each section. The template document is a framework that also includes the instructions and links, but the output is a polished plan document.

Download Road Safety Plan Template (MS Word 76 KB)

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  • Get Ready

    Before you set about drafting your road safety plan, it’s important to understand what needs to go into the plan. The sections below identify key components and outline the steps to take in building your plan so it accomplishes the company’s safety objectives.

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  • Get Going

    The primary output is the “plan” itself – a well-organized, comprehensive description of the processes and actions the company will implement to meet its road safety objectives. This guide describes an ordered framework, identifies helpful resources and provides examples you can use to accomplish that.

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