Optimize Your Driving Workspace

Set your employees up for driving success by ensuring they have a properly set-up vehicle. This applies whether employees drive for many hours every workday, or only occasionally for quick trips. This tool kit explains easy steps everyone should apply whenever they drive. Applying these practices will:

  1. Improve how well you can see and interact with your driving environment
  2. Make it easier to drive and maintain vehicle control
  3. Relieve driving stress and fatigue
  4. Reduce the risk of developing musculo-skeletal injuries (MSIs) such as lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome
  5. Reduce the risk of injury if you are involved in a crash
  • Before You Go

    Before you get in your vehicle, take some time to prepare.

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  • Set Your Driving Position

    Correct seating position improves your comfort, how well you can see and how well you can control your vehicle. It also helps you reduce driving stress and manage fatigue.

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  • Make Necessary Adjustments

    Adjusting the mirrors helps you see your total driving environment; adjusting the seatbelt improves comfort and security when you drive.

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  • While You're Driving

    Use these quick tips to optimize comfort and minimize stress and fatigue when you drive.

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  • Resources

    Use these links to download informative tools and resources, and access online videos.

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