What's an employer to do?

Educate employees about the policy

For the policy to work, everyone who has a role or responsibility in it, and everyone who is expected to follow it needs to know about the policy. They need to be clear what’s being implemented, how and when that will be done and, most importantly, what the policy requires them to do.
One of the best ways to keep employees informed is to involve them in the development process.

  • Engage the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee or worker representative
  • Ask workers and drivers to participate.

Communication before, during and after policy implementation is key. Use a variety of methods.

  • Provide hard copies
  • Announce it in the company newsletter
  • Talk about it in tailgate meetings, or quarterly safety updates
  • Host a lunch and learn

Once initial communications are complete, workers will have questions. Make sure supervisors are prepared with answers. The organization will also need to periodically remind workers about the policy and its contents.  Be sure to include the impairment policy as part of new worker orientations.

Requiring employees to annually review the policy and provide their signature of commitment is a good way to make sure those reminders happen.

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What is impairment?

What's an employer to do?

 Develop and implement an impairment policy

 Educate employees about the policy

 Educate managers and supervisors

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