Manage Impairment

Impairment is a deadly matter, particularly when it comes to driving. ICBC reports that between 2009 and 2018, impairment has been a contributing factor in up to 34% of fatal crashes1.  A worrying new trend is that fatal crashes increasingly involve multiple sources of impairment.  A 2020 Traffic Injury Research Foundation report2 revealed that 41% of fatally injured drivers who were fatigued also tested positive for drugs. And 11% of fatally injured fatigued drivers tested positive for both alcohol and drugs.

These pages provide resources that will help your organization to build and implement a policy and practices to prevent impairment among your employees.

  • What is impairment?

    Understand the causes of impairment, the legal restrictions and the risks and implications of impairment in the workplace.

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  • What's an employer to do?

    The best line of defense is having and implementing preventative policies and procedures. Look here for the key components, useful inks and example policies.

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2 Traffic Injury Research Foundation, Fatigue-Related Fatal Collisions in Canada, 2000-2016

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