Conducting MVI Investigations

Step 6: Implement Corrective Actions

Now it's time to take action. The investigation team explained how the organization can make changes to prevent similar incidents. Put that knowledge to work as soon as possible.

Once they review the report with the management team, investigation team responsibilities are complete. Upper management must decide what actions the organization will implement, assign responsibilities, allocate resources and set completion dates. It can take considerable time to activate solutions to address deep-rooted underlying causes. However, investigations usually reveal matters that demand immediate attention by supervisors and managers. As that occurs, the organization should also:

  • track corrective actions to ensure they are carried out by the designated date
  • evaluate how effective the recommended measures are
  • periodically audit the system to verify measures remain in place, and effective.

Below is an example of a simple table that will help the organization track its progress.

Corrective Action and Completion Table

Corrective Action Assigned To Expected Completion Date Completion Date
Immediate Action - Review the incident with RWC teams; focus on the underlying causes and circumstances that contributed to the incident, and what changes RWC will make to prevent similar events Raj - RWC safety coordinator; include Michelle and/or Carl March 30, 2016 March 19, 2016
Immediate Action - Request that bin owner relocate the bin to the rear of the restaurant so RWC can easily access it from Fulton Avenue. Tina - RWC operations manager March 10, 2016 April 4, 2016
Near Term - Reinforce company appreciation / expectation that employees make safe decisions and follow procedures rather than take unnecessary risks. Lorne - senior VP; at next quarterly safety mtg April 15, 2016 April 15, 2016
Near Term - Develop and implement a process in which a) supervisors and dispatchers work with crews to build realistic routes and schedules, and b) supervisors review route and schedule changes with the driver before assigning that work. Tina - RWC operations manager May 15, 2016 May 14, 2016

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