Conducting MVI Investigations

Step 1: Respond to the Incident

If he or she is able to do so, your employee(s) at the crash scene should immediately:

  1. Check themselves for injuries
  2. Secure the scene and take steps to ensure further harm does not occur (e.g., control traffic)
  3. Provide all reasonable care for people who may have been injured
  4. Contact, or have someone else contact 911 to alert emergency responders
  5. Notify his/her supervisor or employer
  6. Begin collecting information (see below)

As soon as they are aware of the crash, the designated manager should confirm emergency resources have been mobilized. They must then decide (and/or check the company's policy) if they will send a company representative to the crash scene. If a company representative attends the scene, upon arriving they should:

  1. Verify the scene is safe and secure to avoid disturbance of information
  2. Assist in providing all reasonable care, if necessary
  3. Begin or assist with collecting information
  4. Cooperate with enforcement officers and emergency responders
  5. Initiate reporting the incident to authorities (e.g., police, insurance company, WorkSafeBC, Provincial Emergency Program, etc.)
A quick and effective response is the best way to prevent further injury or harm and avoid additional losses. It's part of your due diligence.

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