Distracted Driving Policy Template

A policy that bans use of electronic devices (such as phones and smart watches) and other distractions while driving can help reduce work-related crashes. Your policy needs to fit your work circumstances. It also needs to be clearly communicated and understood by your drivers as well as consistently enforced.

To get started, download our Distracted Driving Policy Template. Follow these steps:

  1. Talk with your employees to get their input on any changes that should be made.
  2. Add, delete, or change any wording in the template to better fit your workplace.
  3. Meet with your employees to explain it and answer their questions.
  4. Have employees sign the policy to show they understand and agree to follow it.
  5. Give a copy of the signed policy to the employee and put a copy in their personnel file.

Review the policy annually to make sure it still fits your workplace circumstances.

Download Distracted Driving Policy Template (MS Word 27 KB)

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