Campaign resources

Be part of the Shift into Winter campaign

Support the 2023-2024 Shift into Winter campaign by engaging your organization, stakeholders, and community. The purpose of these resources is to give you some ideas and materials that you can use throughout the campaign. We appreciate your partnership to help improve winter driving safety across the province.

Social media images and messages

Distribute Shift into Winter messages and images via your social media channels. Consider sending one of the messages out on campaign launch day and follow with a weekly message throughout the fall and winter. Here are a few examples to get you started.


1. Shift into Winter (September – December 2023):

2. Shift out of Winter (January – March 2024):

Images to use on your social media channels can be found below.


X (formerly known as Twitter) images

Select and download.

General public
Employers, supervisors, and workers
General public and work drivers

Instagram images

Select and download.

General public
Employers, supervisors, and workers
General public and work drivers

Facebook images

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General public
Employers, supervisors, and workers
General public and work drivers

Messages, posters and ad banners for websites and newsletters

Include these Shift into Winter messages or articles on your website, in your newsletters, or in your other internal or external communication channels.

Messages for websites, newsletters, etc.

Use these pre-written articles. Or write your own.

Distribute or display a Shift into Winter poster

  1. Print Shift into Winter poster(s). Place them in your lobby, lunchroom or other high-traffic areas to help create awareness.
  2. Email a copy of the poster(s) to your employees and external stakeholders.

General public

Employers and supervisors

Post a Shift into Winter banner

Post a Shift into Winter campaign banner on the front page of your website or newsletter. Link the graphic to

Big Box ad 300px x 250px

Big Box ad 300px x 250px

Other resources

Here are some other things that you can do.

Download the Shift into Winter logo

Use the logo in your email signature, in your social media posts, to accompany Shift into Winter messages in your newsletters, etc.

Buy advertising

Customized print and digital ads
Place Shift into Winter ads, customized with your logo, in local community newspapers, online media, etc. We can create a customized ad for you (free of charge). Email a high-resolution file of your logo to The preferred file format is ai, but we also accept eps, tiff, and jpeg formats.

Share the Shift into Winter customized radio ads
The campaign has 3 radio commercials. If your organization buys radio advertising, you are welcome to use these ads. Contact us at for more information.

Shift into Winter community promotions

Consider creating your own Shift into Winter-themed event or community promotion. This could range from something very simple to more complex ideas such as:

  1. Set up a booth and distribute information about winter driving safety.
  2. Sponsor a local hockey team. Distribute winter driving safety information at the games, and/or purchase advertising in key places such as the score clock, rink boards, lobby/entrance.
  3. Make a winter driving safety presentation to a local business, school or community group (e.g. local Chamber of Commerce)

Share your success with others

We can all learn from each other’s successes. Please share how your organization has promoted the Shift into Winter campaign and how your efforts were received by your members, stakeholders, or employees. Reach us at

We hope you’ll find these ideas useful within your organization and will take advantage of the many opportunities to promote Shift into Winter messages.


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